Douglas County Library Renovations


As technology advances at practically the speed of light, people are beginning to question: Are libraries going out of business? After all, who needs to turn a page, when you have a Kindle or an E-Book right at your finger tips? Will anybody will make the ten to fifteen minute trip to their nearest library, when they conveniently have books right on their smartphone?

But for Douglas County Libraries, there are absolutely no plans to close their doors.
In fact, for about ten years now, the Douglas County Libraries have been planning to renovate their locations, to not only make them more tech-savvy, but to also appeal to new (and old) readers.

“Our primary goal while renovating,” says Colbe Calston, “is to build brighter futures. When we took surveys in Castle Rock about what the public wanted, our main response was more family centers and technology. We support children through all ages. Douglas County Libraries has a whole variety of activities, from teddybear sleepovers to teen book clubs. We not only want to interest children in reading, but we also want them to discover their creativity and curiosity through out our libraries and their provided programs.”

Amber DeBerry says the renovations will probably take a long time to complete. “The library in Castle Rock is the first library we’re going to renovate. Right now, we’re in the design phase. It’s hard to say when our final project will be completed. It could be more than two or three years away. However, we have noticed that our recent openings and layouts have attracted a higher number of patrons into the libraries.”

The eight locations, all being renovated, of Douglas County Libraries gives more to the community than books or DVDs. Douglas County Libraries presents the community with opportunities, and sparks (or re-sparks) a love for reading. That has been their mission ever since their establishment in 1966. The renovations of these libraries will not change their purpose, but instead improve it.

The libraries, which have been open for over 50 years, have existed with timeless magic. As the years progress, you can be sure that Douglas County Libraries will do everything in their power to ensure that books will continue to intrigue people of all ages.
Support your local library. Go visit one!