A child’s dream come true


Twilight Sparkle is a toy that has a lot of moving parts when turned on. She has sensors and to activate them a child must touch the sides of her horn, push the star button on her hoof or scratch her cheeks. Then she will respond with a movement or begin to speak. For example, she lights up her horn, flutters her wings, moves her eyelids, her head, her neck or one leg. She talks about magic spells, tells stories and sings songs, but she is a little repetitive with her sentences. She is a very interesting and responsive toy.

When I opened the box, I was very impressed how large the toy is. If a child is getting this as a gift they will be positively surprised about this.

The batteries are located on her belly under velcro next to the on and off switch. The batteries were not easy to get in and it requires four C batteries, which are not cheap. The pony itself is also quite pricey with a retail price on the Hasbro website of $129.

Twilight could use a volume button because her voice is quite loud and this will probably get annoying for older siblings or parents eventually. If you leave her alone for a while she will go to sleep and make sleeping noises.

The fabric is very pretty and sparkly, but it is not very fuzzy and I would not recommend cuddling or sleeping with her because she has parts that are hard and mechanical.

This toy would be very good for children under the ages of 6, but ideal for 4 and 5 year olds. It would be better if a child knew about the TV show My Little Pony, because the songs and stories have a lot to do with the series. She is not completely realistic towards the actual series, because the series made her seem more a bookworm.

This toy was fun to play with and every four year old would love this as a gift.