Mutual Relationship between Man and Dog


Lost. Scared. Hungry. Your stomach cries out every time you take a step. It was like an internal itch you could not scratch. Envisage all this on a 30 pound border terrier mix as described in Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard.

An ultramarathon is a long distance race also referred to as ultra running or ultra distance. It is called this because it is longer than any normal marathon which is 26.2 miles. Some take place through the Sahara or from the Grand to the Grand Ultra.

Dion Leonard ran one through the Gobi desert. The Gobi desert has wind speeds up to 85 miles per hour and temperatures can reach 120 degrees fahrenheit. 7.6 inches of rain falls each year. These extreme measures can break any experienced runner. Inexplicably enough, a 30 pound dog easily took on this challenge. This dog, who appeared to have been a stray, took a certain liking to Dion. Once the gun sounded, she ran with him. Her little legs kept perfect pace with him. This random stray made quite an impression on him. He named her after the race’s location, Gobi. Dion and Gobi completed every obstacle this race threw at them, and they did it together. Dion fell in love with Gobi and decided to take her home with him.

But, every story has its interferences. The day Gobi was supposed to fly home, she went missing. This little dog caused such a stir in people’s lives, global news coverage was the effect of her abrupt disappearance.

Finding Gobi is a book of adventure and mutual attachment, between dog and man. Gobi changed Dion’s life in so many ways and is still changing many others. Just her commitment and perseverance towards her owner makes her seem like a lot more than just a tiny dog. This 190 page novel was captivating and well written. Dion explained his admiration towards Gobi and wrote a wonderful, inspiring story.