Project Terra: Crash Course


Project Terra: Crash Course by Landry Q. Walker is a very unusual and intriguing book that, even though most of the characters seem like there is almost no way for them to exist, is based on the actual theory of terraforming, or creating planets using science. It’s about an eleven-year-old girl named Elara from Vega Antilles V, a remote farming planet in a region of space known as “nowhere”. She wanted to become a terraformer, so she traveled to another planet to attend the Seven Systems School of Terraforming.

Some of the kids at the school were humans like Elara, but others were completely different, like her roommates Beezle, a blue-skinned alien whose mind was connected to something called the Overmind, and Clare, a square-shaped sponge who couldn’t even move. Elara was sent on field trips to dangerous places like a desert that not even the teachers knew much about, and was accidentally flown to the school’s moon – just in time to see it blow up! This is undoubtedly a very weird story, but is great for anyone who enjoys science fiction!