Adventure in Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow


Have you ever seen a world where an umbrella can let you float down the side of a building, a cat can be as big as an elephant, and a hotel room can morph to fit your preferences? Have you ever seen Santa and the Yule Queen duel with feats of festivity, or traveled on the Gossamer Line? Explore the magical land of Nevermoor, in The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend.

In a normal world, Morrigan Crow is a cursed child, fated to have been born on Eventide night… and to die the same day ten years later. Her dad is also the governor, who is also having to pay for every bit of trouble in town thanks to his bewitched daughter. Even if she stays in her room all day, she is an excuse to lie and get recompense for things Morrigan wasn’t at all a part of. As she shuts her eyes in preparation for inevitable death, she feels bad for all the evil she has caused by her very presence. Instead of death taking her by the hand, it is… A ginger-haired explorer named Jupiter?

Morrigan is taken to a whole new world, where she, as an illegal immigrant of Nevermoor, hopes to join the Wundrous Society. The Wundrous Society is Nevermoor’s elite. Each one has a special talent. If Morrigan can get through the entrance trials, she can escape the law that would kick her out of the land. There’s only one problem… Morrigan doesn’t think she has a talent, and Jupiter won’t tell her what he thinks it is. This story is full of wonder and magic and laughter, but also of sinister plots, all somehow wrapped around her. Will Morrigan find truth through the half-lies she has been told, and escape both the threats from the outside and from within? Was she ever actually cursed at all? Find out in this epic novel. The Trials of Morrigan Crow is a quirky adventure story with a feel for adventure, heartfelt characters, and a whole lot of magic.

My first impression of this book was an Alice and Wonderland theme, but it actually has a lot more depth. There are themes of self worth and natural curiosity, and the subtle tension adds to the feeling of suspense. I love how this story builds and builds until every mystery is explained near the end. It also leaves off at a cliffhanger, so I hope we can expect a sequel.