Girls Who Code


What’s so special about coding, and why should girls care about it?

Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code is a fiction book about a girl named Lucy who’s in the 6th grade. She wanted to make an app for her uncle who has cancer, so she joined a coding club at her school. Lucy becomes disappointed when she’s put in a group of girls she barely knows, and to make matters worse, doesn’t even get to use a computer. Even though both Lucy’s parents and her older brother know how to code, they refuse to give her a head start. Then, Lucy starts finding mysterious coding messages on her locker and can’t figure out what they mean – or who was putting them there. So, she decides to get help from the girls in her group at coding club. Quickly, Lucy finds out that some things take time, patience, and dedication. This was a very exciting book that always left me wanting to know what would happen next! I would recommend it for any girls ages 8 to 12.

The second book, Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World is a non-fiction book encouraging girls to never give up and always aspire to their dreams – and, of course, learn to code. I think it’s very interesting that it’s both a book about women who work in places like Pixar and NASA and a guidebook describing the basics of coding. It has examples of different coding languages, what they’re used for, and what you can make with them. It also has interviews from girls and women who created games, apps, and robots, how they came up with the ideas to make them, and why. With this one, I would recommend it for girls ages 10 and up, but there really is no limit to how old you can be to enjoy this book!