Good Versus Evil in a Lego Ninja Movie


“The LEGO Ninjago Movie” is an excellent, action-packed animated film that describes a very, very hard father-son relationship. This movie also shows a family being reunited and a high school outcast being revealed as a hero.

Lloyd (voiced by Dave Franco) is the main character of the movie. Secretly the Green Ninja, Lloyd is a teenage high school student by day, and the leader of a top secret elite force of 5 other ninjas (Fire, Ice, Earth, Lightning, and Water) in times of trouble. He is also the son of an evil warlord named Garmadon (voiced by Justin Theroux), who hopes to conquer the island nation of Ninjago as his own kingdom. Garmadon lives inside a volcano, along with his generals and weapons, and constantly attacks the peaceful nation. Luckily for Ninjago, they have 6 defenders who use their customized vehicles that are equipped with their own special powers.

My favorite character was Jay (voiced by Kumail Nanjlani) who played the character of the Lightning Ninja because he had a lot of personality. Even though he was a superhero in the city of Ninjago, he was also a super scaredy cat who got confused a lot. His power was that he could generate lightning with his hands, but like the other ninjas, he had to learn how to use this power in order to be able to summon it without his vehicle.

Lloyd and his friends were constantly bullied at school. For example, on his birthday a group of cheerleaders made a song about how bad they thought he was, and how bad his father was, and they shared it with a radio that played it all over Ninjago.

If you have seen the “The LEGO Movie” or “The LEGO Batman Movie,” then you will understand the type of animation that is used. The movie features the general theme of action-packed comedy with a hero who is not very likely to save the day.

For children to understand this movie, I would recommend ages 5 and higher. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would enjoy seeing it again. Finally, although LEGO has its own toys and TV series by the same name of Ninjago, I have not used or watched either of them, and I still perfectly understood the movie.