KID BOX The Epitome of Anticipation


The element of anticipation is highly illuminated with the product KIDBOX. KIDBOX is a company that specializes in choosing clothing that fits your fashion and size preferences. Once the box is ordered, it is delivered to your house in a matter of a few weeks. When the KIDBOX arrives, it externally has bold, exciting colors and in an eye catching font, KIDBOX. Seeing this colorful mystery box on the doorstep creates a real sense of nostalgia. The feeling of wonder and surprise is indescribable as you ponder the contents of the box and what goodies are in store for you.

In my style preferences, I chose artistic and sporty. As a petite 13 year old, I chose size 12, but when the KIDBOX came, the clothing was a bit snug. I ended up sending this box back to the company. It was a simple return and there was a bag provided to send the clothing back just in case it didn’t work out. When the second KIDBOX in which I ordered a larger size arrived, it was ornate with kid-friendly special touches. When I opened up the box, there was a card inside with my name on it, neatly wrapped clothing in bright patterned tissue paper sealed with a sticker, and 7 garments. A surprise ball was included as well, which was comprised of tightly wound layers of tissue paper strips. As the ball became unraveled, a chiffonade of diverse colors of tissue paper emerged and beheld 2 trinkets nestled in the paper as well as a joke which was truly a special touch. All of the clothing items fit perfectly and coordinated with each other for mix and match outfits. In my box, there were velvety camouflage leggings, black leggings with embroidered, pleather flowers on the side, a fleece navy romper, a grey shirt with a flowery heart design, a white shirt with inscripted with the word love in a glossy gold color, a cranberry cardigan, and a cargo vest in army green. All of the clothing in the box was name brand such as Bebe, DKNY, Tractr, 7 for All Mankind, and Lucky Brand. All of the articles of clothing fit my preferences and are high quality. Each KIDBOX costs 98 dollars if you choose to keep every item. At the end of the survey, there is a giving back option. A portion of your KIDBOX cost can be sent to the charity of your choice. There are multiple meaningful causes such as kids in low income families experiencing homelessness, kids in military families, and kids who are victims of natural disasters.

KIDBOX pushed me out of my comfort zone to try innovative styles I wouldn’t have attempted before. The clothes were cozy, stylish, and fit all of my requirements. The box was bold, inviting, and bright both internally and externally. It was an extremely kid/user-friendly experience from the survey to the unboxing to the clothing. I highly recommend KIDBOX for anyone sizes newborn to 14 who would like a to shake things up in their wardrobe and enjoy giving back to the community.