Amazing, New Transformers Dragon Toy


This is a review of the “Transformers: The Last Knight Mega 1-Step Turbo Changer This is a review of the “Transformers: The Last Knight Mega 1-Step Turbo Changer Dragonstorm” toy. Big name, big toy!

At first glance, the three headed dragon/knight toy seems really big and awesome. It is a bit hard to carry around because of the large size. There are only 3 pieces to attach/detach, and they are the tail and the two wings. These pieces are large and the same red/black color combination, so you probably won’t lose them.

This toy looks pretty cool. The dragon has attachable wings and an attachable tail. It is very intricate and detailed in many ways. The way it works is you take the lever on its back, pull down on the legs, and on the lever, and it turns from a dragon into a Transformer knight and back (1-Step). It is easy to figure out.

The dragon has a light in its mouth that shows hidden symbols on other Cyberfire figures (Cyberfire-breathing technology). It is similar to a UV light pen where you can only see the hidden symbols if you shine the light on them directly.

It also has a button you push for more than 20 phrases and sounds featured in the movie. The button is located as his heart. Or, it makes phrases and sounds from the movie when you convert from dragon to knight, or back.

I have not seen this movie (“Transformers: The Last Knight”), but I have seen other movies in the Transformers series, so I understand the basics of this toy.

The directions for putting it together are extremely vague – only a few pictures with a little text, but luckily there were only a few steps. It says “Adult Assembly Required.” The battery compartment (two AAA batteries) was shown in the directions but was hard to find on the toy itself.

I like this toy a lot. It is expensive, but if you are a big Transformers fan, then I would recommend this toy for you since it is fun to play with, very durable, and overall amazing. It is listed for ages 5 and up, but I would recommend ages 8 and up to play with this toy. It is a bit more advanced, and there are some places where you may pinch your fingers when you are playing with it.