Kid 3D Printer Misses the Mark


The IDO3D Print Shop is a kid’s 3D printer toy. The set comes with 18 molding plates, 3 pre-made molds, the printer, the cover, and 2 very small ink tubes for printing. The molds are small. Very small. As in 1.5” by 1” for the largest size. The instructions do not tell how to order more ink. The directions were clear, but the printer just did not work for me. I tried over and over, but the lights for curing would not turn on, and the 3D printer fluid was randomly oozing and making a small mess.

This is supposed to make cool designs by melting 3D printer ink, putting it into a plastic mold, then letting it cool in that shape after it has cured. The ink is hard to clean off of everything and was very sticky. I checked their website, the box, YouTube videos, and the manual’s troubleshooting section, but nothing worked. The IDO3D Print Shop was a good idea, but it just would not work.

Everything that you make turns out red or blue because you use red or blue ink. Also, they only give you a very small amount of ink (less than 1 ounce) in the cartridge because of the size of the space in the printer.

I would have really liked to have seen a bigger mold creator, so that we could make bigger molds.

The box says that “Formula 4D allows you to simply create or clone any 3D object you desire,“ but even if I did get the printer to work, that is a bit misleading. Because of the size constraints you cannot make anything that it long or that is wide.

Most of the 18 molding plates that the kit comes with are for boys. A few are designed for girls, for jewelry or other designs. They include a shell, a key, a guitar, a ladybug, a dog bone, and more.

This would be a nice toy if it had worked, and I do not know why mine did not work. I might have done something wrong, or just gotten unlucky: who knows?