Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit


Some toys are easy to use, but others, not so much. The Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit is a plastic set for making squishy characters from a mold, using a slimy material that hardens and grows. It comes with three color pouches to add color to the slime – one pink, one orange, and an extra pink one for practice. It also comes with two molds inside plastic eggs, two character stands, and a squeeze tool. It also comes with a larger egg that you put the smaller eggs inside to hold them in place. The finished Smooshins look kind of like girls wearing animal suits.

The first step of making a Smooshin is to put the plastic egg into the larger one. This can be done later, but I would recommend doing it first because it can take a while to fit the pieces together and the next steps must be done quickly. The second step is to pop the color pouch and mix it with the slime in a minute and 30 seconds. It can be hard to mix the color pouch, so younger kids might need help with this part. Next, you need to squeeze the colored slime into the mold. This part is also done fast and the colored slime must be completely squeezed into the mold in 30 seconds or else it will harden. You can use the squeeze tool to make it easier to get the slime into the mold. Then, you need to wait for the character to grow inside the mold for 4 hours or overnight.

While I was waiting for the slime to grow, I mixed my practice color pouch. Because I already had a Smooshin being made and I wanted to know what it was made of, I cut it open – which was not a good idea. The inside of the pouch is slimy, sticky, and hard to get off your hands. Because I didn’t want to waste it, though, I poured it into an egg container and left it overnight to see how much it would grow.

The next morning, I opened the molds. First, I checked on the egg container. The colored slime inside had hardened and almost doubled in size. After that, I opened the mold for the Smooshin. I probably didn’t squeeze the slime out of the color pouch completely because it came out looking half-eaten. Now that I was finished making the first Smooshin, I started on the second one. I wasn’t fast enough, though, and the slime hardened before I could squeeze it into the mold.

I liked this toy overall and it seemed to work the way it’s supposed to; you just need to practice with it a little. I also liked the box a lot and turned it into a carriage for my stuffed dog. You can also get more color pouches and molds for the surprise maker, so I probably will get more and see if I can get the Smooshins to come out properly.