Teen Spy Gets Revenge


“Alex Rider: Never Say Die” is the thrilling tale of child spy from London. He must travel around the world to find his presumed dead nanny, and to wash away the horrid memories of his past. Alex need lots of help to get his nanny back though.  A lot of people help him, like Colonel Ali Manzour, the head of the Jihad Amn Al Daoula, the Egyptian State Security Service. Alex worked for secret security team M16, which was using technology and some of the best trained agents in the world to fight terrorism.  Alex grew up with two bullies at his school. He “took care of them” by using the art of Aikido, a Japanese martial art that he learned when his uncle was still alive. Aikido is a form defense that is entirely non-aggressive. Its aim is to bring the attacker under control without the necessity of inflicting injury. And more than strength, it demands relaxation in both body and mind.

Alex had endured many horrors in the past, like watching a clip of his nanny supposedly blowing up in a Jeep while she was escaping the hold of some terrorists. Alex was strapped to a chair watching the video only 4 – 5 hundred feet away. He was in a fort in southern Egypt,  just outside the town of Siwa. He later led the attack on the fort he was contained in, completely destroying it, with machine gun holes in the wall and an imploded kitchen from a grenade that he threw.

This is a great book that is an average length. At 350 pages, it is a respectable – sized book. This would be a great book for kids aged 12 – 15 because if you are younger than twelve you might not do as well with the violence and gore described in the book. However, those 15 and up might just find the book boring as they would probably have had their share of crime books. This is the twelfth book in the Alex Rider series, and although I have not read the others, I am sure that this one is the best.