American Girl Expands Their Horizons


American Girl Doll Company expands line by adding new Mega Construx building kits and a boy doll.

Lanie’s Camping Trip Mega Construx Building Kit: Last year, American Girl teamed up with MegaConstrux to make new building sets about the American Girl Dolls of the Year. In the set, Lanie’s Camping Trip, by MegaConstrux, you can build a camper for the Doll of the Year from 2010, Lanie.

The set is geared towards kids eight and up because of choking hazards for anyone younger. In the box, there is an activity/instruction book as well as six packages of building blocks and the American Girl Mini Figure with a block for her to stand on. At the beginning of the manual there is a short story about Lanie and it tells you how to customize her mini-figure before the instructions begin. The mini-figure itself has painted on facial features as well as leggings and shoes, but the vest, dress and hair on the doll are plastic and removable for customization purposes. It seems that the head, torso and shoes are also removable. As for quality, the limbs are posable which makes the doll more fun and the hair and facial features, although they are plastic, both look very realistic. However, the smooth vinyl-like material of the body is easy to get dirty and scratch. When you start building, there are different packages of blocks, but they are not labeled, so you just have to look inside the package and compare the blocks to the one in the instructions to see which package to use. Other than that, the instructions are fairly straight-forward and are even color-coded to show you where to place the pieces. The packages with the blocks were unmarked and led to some confusion when following the steps. One part of the instructions that was helpful was that if there was something you had to build separately and then put on, it gave a picture and some small steps about how to attach the pieces before attaching them to the big product, but the instructions did get confusing at times. A very helpful part of the instructions is the addition of building tips that are important to making the buidling process easier. The final product, after 47 steps, is a wonderful camper set for the mini figure. It looks great and has many special additions like a storage rack, kitchen, and much more. At times, the blocks were hard to put together but other than that they had very good quality. This set seemed a little like a knockoff of the Lego Friends Kits, but they are unique in their own ways.

The building took a little while and there were some flaws, but these sets seem great for American Girl fans to heighten their experiences. It may not be perfect, but American Girl’s Mega Construx Lanie’s Camping Trip kit is very fun to assemble and play with afterwards. Besides Lanie’s Camping Trip, they have other American Girl Dolls of the Years kits as well.

American Boy Doll – Logan Everett: In February of this year, American Girl released the company’s first ever boy doll, Logan Everett. Logan is Tenney Grant’s bandmate and drummer in the group.

He has short, light brown hair with a side part and painted-on eyebrows, closable gray-blue eyes, and the normal nose and lips of an American Girl Doll. The outfit Logan comes in is a teal t-shirt with the words Play Loud and a drum set under a blue-green flannel shirt as well as gray jeans and gray sneakers. Logan is also wearing boxers underneath his pants. Like other American Girl Dolls, his body is soft cloth while his arms, face, legs, etc. are vinyl. One special thing about Logan is that his hands are posed so he can hold drum sticks and other instruments. Currently, there is not book about Logan, unlike his companion Tenney, but there is a drum set and performing outfit for the doll. As for the quality of the doll, everything is the same high quality as a normal American Girl Doll expect his hair is a bit coarser and harder to style.

If you’re looking for a unique doll with a cool story, Logan would be a great addition even though his wardrobe and accessories are limited at the moment.