Say “Aloha” To Nanea!


It’s 1941, which means World War II. Alice Nanea Mitchell may only be 9 years old, but she knows she’s grown up enough to “dip her paddle in” and be useful. Say “Aloha” to the new American Girl Doll, Nanea!

“Nanea Doll, Book and Accessories” comes in a sturdy pink box bearing the American Girl “Beforever” logo. Inside is Nanea, a box with her accessories, and the book “Growing Up With Aloha.” The doll’s ankles and neck come covered with a thin layer of styrofoam to prevent chafing, then secured with elastic string. Her accessories include a bag, a pouch, money, a seashell necklace, a letter, an ID card, and a hibiscus flower hair clip. The outfit looks true to the 1940’s style, including sailor style moku shorts and a pake blouse, with brown criss-cross sandals.

Nanea’s hair is long, curly, dark brown, and can be easily styled. However, it is slightly difficult to untangle and some strands come out during the detangling. The doll itself is very durable and extremely flexible. While it can hold a variety of positions, it has trouble maintaining a sitting position without support. Nanea is the first doll to sport American Girl’s new mold, including a more defined chin and amazing detail on the palm of her hands. All in all, she is very lifelike.


The book “Growing Up With Aloha” is full of Hawaiian words and their meanings. The plot holds you captive at every turn, from a competition in the newspaper to the Pearl Harbor Bombing. You feel elated with Nanea, worry with her, and are frustrated alongside her. After all, who doesn’t loathe being treated like a baby?

Nanea is perfect for games of dress up and make believe, captivating your attention with her gorgeous complexion and silky locks. I, personally, own another American Girl Doll and would recommend this to ages 8+ whether you own another doll or not, for the excellent craftsmanship of Nanea. Despite the minimal flaws, this is a toy worth buying.