Mort Ziff is Not Dead Book Reveiw


The book Mort Ziff is Not Dead is written by Cary Fagan. This book is a well written book about a boy named Norman who has two brothers named Marcus and Larry. Marus and Larry are always teasing Norman. One day while Norman and his family were out shopping Norman, Marcus, and Larry all entered a contest to try and guess how many beads were in a jar. A few months later Norman got a letter in the mail saying he won a thousands dollars.

Norman decides he’s going to use the money to take his whole family away from snowy Canada and to the sunny beaches of Miami. When finally in Miami, Norman, Marcus, and Larry meet a family just like theirs. In this family there are three girls and the youngest is always teased by her older sisters. The kids of the two families are rivals but secretly the two youngest kids, Amy and Norman, become friends. Amy and Norman become good friends with an old comedian named Mort Ziff. When Amy and Norman hear that Mort Ziff is losing his job to a new band called the Centipedes, the two friends help Mort Ziff get back on his feet.

Eventually Mort Ziff gets a job to perform at The Royal Palace, a very fancy hotel and Norman heads back to Canada with Amy’s address in his hands. In my opinion this book was well written and a good book to read.The one downside of this book is it wasn’t very action packed or adventurous. The book Mort Ziff is Not Dead was funny and I really enjoyed reading it. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you are looking for a new story to read or just want to enjoy a simple book to read.