Marshall Movie Review


Marshall is a movie about a man by the name of Thurgood Marshall, hence the name Marshall. The first thing noticed about this movie is, Thurgoods first name isn’t mentioned more than twice. This confused me because, if it weren’t for the research I did on the actual Thurgood Marshall I wouldn’t know his first name isn’t Marshell.

Anyway, this Marshell guy is a pretty big deal throughout N.A.A.C.P, (National Association for the Colored People), because he is not only the first colored Supreme Court and Civil Rights activate, he helps the colored people of america receive justice from crimes they got arrested for because of their race. This is basically what the movie revolves around. The specific case is about a women who charged her colored chauffeur with rape and attempted murder. I won’t say anymore but, if you like crime and/or mystory type movies or detective like work than you might enjoy this movie. At a first glance you may think this movie is boring because its about historical events as well as being a judicial based movie, I understand where you’re coming from.

At first you might lose interest, this is normal, just know it gets so much better. The emotions and amount of inspiration emitting from this movie are beyond possible. Its not only funny, educating and integrating, its almost like you’re getting a history lesson from doing something you would do anyway (watch an interesting movie!!). Marshall is the one rare exception to movies where you manage to take out 4-5 birds with only one stone. The age group I would recommend to watch this movie would be anywhere from ages 7-79. A quick warning would be, the movie contains sexual cutscenes and racial slurs/abbreviations that may cause discomfort or offense. Be cautious when deciding to bring your child to this movie.

Other than containing racial slurs and sexual content the movie is heavily educational and without a doubt the most inspirational film i’ve seen yet. The emotion and time put into the film is outstanding. I would give it 5/5 stars. Id say 5/5 stars because if the peer meaning and thoughtful emotion in the film as well as what i took away from Marshall as a viewer. To wrap things up, Marshall will blow you away and put an all new twist on the way you few the past, present and maybe your future. The best message I received was “If you work hard in life you can get somewhere better than you ever imagined”.