Two New Foam Blasters Hit the Market!


Dart Zone’s new gun “Ballistix OPS Powerball” is a shotgun like gun, similar to the Nerf Rival series. It has a pump load and shoots approximately 100 feet per second. It has 8 ball rounds that are similar to the Nerf Rival series ammunition as well. In fact, the ammo is interchangeable as I used it in both the Ballistix Ops and the Nerf guns without any problems.

Adventure Force Light Command Motorized Blaster has a full auto shot. It shoots at 80 feet per second. It uses darts that are interchangeable with Nerf darts. I had no problems shooting the gun. Although figuring out how to load it was a bit complicated. The clip needs to be snapped open in order to load it. The instructions do show you that you need to break it apart but it took me a little bit of time to understand where and how.

The Ballistix OPS gun has a higher speed shot but the Light Command Blaster is fully automatic. This means that the Light Command Blaster will shoot 20 darts from a clip in a faster amount of time than the Ballistix OPS can shoot 8 balls. The Adventure Force Gun is motorized. The Ballistix OPS has a pump that you have to be a little strong to use as you need to pump it hard to build up pressure. This means the Adventure Force Gun will be easier for younger kids to use.

The foam balls hurt more than the foam darts because they travel at a higher speed. This explains the extra hard pump action that the Ballistix OPS needed to shoot. If you are playing with younger kids, I do not recommend the ball shooting guns because they hurt more, even if they are used to playing with Nerf guns. The darts move more slowly and hurt less. The balls are more accurate on target. The foam darts travel in arcs, but the balls shoot straight at its target.

I personally preferred the Ballistix OPS gun, because I have been fiddling with Nerf guns for years and am always excited for a new, powerful gun to shoot my brothers.