Who Was The REAL Alexander Hamilton?


“Who Was Alexander Hamilton?” by Pam Pollack is a part of the New York Times Best-Selling Who HQ Series. The series has books such as “Who Was Anne Frank?,” “What Was Ellis Island,” and “Who Was Abraham Lincoln.” With there being so much buzz around Hamilton’s life, it’s nice to see a book about him with accurate facts. As a listener of “Hamilton: An American Musical,” I am at least a little familiar with all things that are related to the Revolutionary War.

“Who Was Alexander Hamilton” is about Hamilton’s historic life and his rise to being a Revolutionary War hero and a famous Founding Father. It also talks about his family life and his being the first Secretary of State. He was born in the Caribbean, and he had eight children with Eliza Schuyler.

I highly recommend this book for 2nd-5th graders because it has just the right amount of information. It is the perfect resource to use if you want to learn new facts about him and his life. It also had a lot of detailing. In the book, they provided information on topics such as The Caribbean, Marquis De Lafayette, and the events leading up to his and his son’s death. However, it left out some information that was more adult-situation related. His secret affair is left out completely from the book, as well as his cousin’s suicide. But I felt that it was appropriate for a children’s book to have these excluded.

Pam Pollack did a great job describing Hamilton’s life. I even learned new facts that I never knew about him, like that he had a brother named James, and his mother was named Rachel. I thought that the book was the perfect length, and I really liked the illustrations and pictures.