Discovery Kids Pair of VR Goggles- Endless hours of fun and unique experiences


Obviously, many of us can’t go to the moon or swim with sharks in the ocean or see ancient artifacts and haunted castles. But with the Discovery Kids Pair of VR Goggles, you can get a little closer.

For just $21.53 (on Amazon, $14.49 at Target), you can escape to any time period, any place, and any adventure.Simply choose a video, slide your phone in, strap the goggles to your head and you are somewhere different. Travel under the sea, without oxygen. Land on the moon, without a rocket. Explore the Himalayas, in your living room!

The goggles work with many apps including Google Cardboard, Youtube 360, and Discovery VR. The content in the Discovery VR app works the best with the goggles and is the least blurry. It’s also the most fun. The app features Everest Rescue, Shark Week, and more, including haunted and traveler series.
The Discovery Kids Pair of VR Goggles is plastic, with an easy to use slider to place your phone in. It also has adjustable lenses for maximum focus, padding around the eyes, and a comfortable strap that wraps around your head so you can explore without having to hold the goggles to your eyes.
Compared to other VR goggles such as google cardboard, this one definitely is better. They are durable, comfortable, and easy to use. Other products do not allow you to access other content on other apps, and are not as sturdy.
I would give this product four out of five stars because some videos were blurry and hard to focus on.
Kids (and adults) 8 and up would enjoy this, especially because there is something for everyone and the goggles are so easy to use. If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive, kid and user friendly pair of VR goggles, then the Discovery Kids Pair of VR Goggles is the perfect gift or toy to have have fun and learn more with through an exciting and visually stunning virtual reality experience.