A Fun New Toy Based on “My Little Pony: The Movie”


My Little Pony: The Movie came out to theater early in October, and there’s a new toy based on two places in the film! The My Little Pony Canterlot and Seaquestria Castle is a great toy for girls to play with, even if they aren’t into My Little Pony. I don’t play with My Little Pony toys or watch the show that much, but I still enjoyed playing with this toy set. It might also help to watch the movie as well, because it helped me to understand the backstory of this toy.

The castle has two levels: the top is Canterlot, and the rest is Seaquestria. The light-up tower represents the entire kingdom and the part underneath Canterlot is the throne room. When the castle is all put together, it’s huge – almost two and-a-half feet tall! The set also comes with two figures: Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish. Because of her body’s color and slight transparency, I thought Queen Novo glowed in the dark, but unfortunately, after leaving her under a light for a while, I realized I was wrong.

With 38 pieces, the castle requires some of time and patience to build! Most of it was easy to put together, but some of the pieces gave me some trouble. The most difficult parts to assemble were the elevator and the place where Queen Novo’s magic pearl is kept. That piece didn’t fit into its place because parts that went into the hole were too wide, so I had to bend them slightly in order for them to fit in their place.

Two places in Canterlot also didn’t quite fit together. The platform with a part that spins on it didn’t lock into place, and the top of the tiny pink windowsill didn’t fit, either. With both of those pieces, the parts that go into the notches were completely flat and had no way of staying in place. (With the windowsill, I think the top part may have broken because the two other parts on it curved upward slightly so they fit.)

There are two places in the throne room that Queen Novo is supposed to be able to ride on, either on the spiraling elevator or on the octopus. The spiraling elevator works ok, but Queen Novo’s head or tailfin get bumped by the other elevator. I didn’t use the octopus for her, either, because I couldn’t figure out how she gets on it.

The castle also comes with 31 accessories that all fall into different categories: Tea Party, Beach Fun, Makeup, Seafood Party, Treasure, and Bedtime. There was one accessory – a flat orange shell – that I couldn’t figure out which category it was in. (There were separate bags for each category, but I wasn’t paying attention when I was opening them.)

One piece in Beach Fun looks like a small wave. There is a place to put a pony figure on it and it has wheels on the bottom. On the box, it shows Queen Novo sitting on it, going down the slide in her throne room, but it didn’t work out that well: The slide is too steep for the piece to go on alone and too dangerous for Queen Novo to ride.

My favorite part of the castle is the light-up tower. It has three openable “pods” on the sides: the largest is pink, the middle one is green, and the smallest is blue. The pink pod can hold Queen Novo perfectly, and the smallest can keep Spike, even though it’s hard to get things to stay inside while it’s opened. The tower uses three AAA batteries that are installed at the bottom. There is a hole at the bottom of the platform for that, so the batteries can be installed without taking apart the castle. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on because there were no buttons on the tower, but then I realized the lights turn on when the pony statue at the top is turned.
There is a blue light under each of the pods on the tower. When the statue is turned, the pods light up. When the statue is turned three times, eventually the lights under the pods will start blinking, then they will go off. Most of Spike’s body is transparent, so when he’s inside one of the pods when the lights are on, he looks like he’s glowing.
I’ve included a lot of details here, but overall, the Canterlot and Seaquestria castle is a great toy and is definitely something girls would love to play with. If you don’t have any other My Little Pony figures, you can also use other toys and small stuffed animals. If you do have other pony toys, they would fit perfectly in this set.