A New Favorite Holiday Book


Nutcracked by Susan Adrian is a charming twist on a classic Christmas tale.

Georgie’s dream is to play Clara in her ballet studios production of the Nutcracker, but when she and her best friend Kaitlyn audition with the hopes of both of them playing Clara only Georgie gets the part. Out of jealousy and disappointment, Kaitlyn pushes her best friend out of her life. But, being Clara isn’t at all what Georgie thinks it is. Whenever Georgie touches the famous Nutcracker she is magically transported to the Nutcrackers world! Caught in the midst of the fight between the Nutcracker and the evil Mouse King, Georgie is determined to help the Nutcracker. But without the aid of her ex-best friend she has no one to tell about her crazy journeys. So she takes a chance on a fantasy-loving boy Noah to help her. But when the magic seeps into her world putting her friends in danger, she has to stop it! With the help of Noah, Georgie embarks on a ballet journey of a lifetime.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it kept me interested with the element of magic but kept it real with the middle school dilemmas and drama. Susan Adrian, who also played Clara as a child in her own ballet performance, wove the complicated life of a middle schooler into to the magical world of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. Though this book was good it was a little simple and not that complicated. I also felt the magic was downplayed and was constantly getting hidden in the drama Georgie’s school life. I would recommend this book for elementary and middle school readers because it was an easy read at 230 pages about ballet, school, and dash of magic.