CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio!


CharMinis Jewelry Deluxe Studio is a cute jewelry maker that requires more than a little patience.

This toy is charm bracelet and necklace maker that comes with 100+ charm pieces, a jewelry tree with a glitter dome, water bottle with brush, glaze pot and 6 nylon cords. The charms are very cute and come in different colors and shapes, such as hearts, stars, butterflies and even food items like pie crusts and ice cream. You can mix and match to get the charm you want and then you “glue” them together with water to make your charm! The CharMini claims to make charms that easily fuses with water. Even though this seems easy, it requires a lot of patience and practice. The first problem I ran into was assembling the jewelry tree, it was hard to fit the pieces together. I needed adult help to build it. The next problem was that the company recommends holding the two charm pieces you are fusing together for 30 seconds but I found that the pieces would slowly fall off unless you held it there the 1+ minutes. After fusing the pieces together you add the jump ring to hang it on the jewelry tree or nylon cord. This is where I ran into the most trouble. The ring would slide off and it was very difficult to glue it onto a rounded surface. The easiest and most fun part this toy set was getting to glitterize it. To glitterize the charm you have to glaze the completed charm and put it into the “glitter dome” After completing a few charms it became much easier and way more fun. This toy was recommended for 6+ but it requires some patience so more like 10+. So, even though it had a few drawbacks, this was still an enjoyable toy.