“The Perfect Score,” is a great new story by Rob Buyea.


“The Perfect Score,” is a great new story by Rob Buyea. He previously wrote a series about Mr. Terupt. Interestly enough, Mr. Buyea was originally 3rd and 4th grade teacher. Then he moved to High School to teach biology.

This is a realistic fiction story about five middle schools friends who are stressed out about school and life. Their names are Randi, Natalie, Scott, Trevor and Gavin. Each one of the characters has their own personal story about the challenges of growing up.

Randi is a gymnast that works hard in and out school.Natalie is a future lawyer and a super know-it- all. So not everyone finds her to be the best of their friends.Scott cares a lot about people and being nice, especially when it comes to family. Trevor acts like tough guy to make kids think he’s cool, but that is because he hates school, but he hates his home life more. Finally, Gavin loves football, but feels behind in school because he has a hard time with reading.

All these kids have plenty to worry about at school but they are super freaked about the CSA test. One of them thinks of a way to ace the test but when something goes wrong the others are scared that they are about the fail this big time test.

I’m a 5th grader and I think this book would be interesting to other 4th, 5th, or 6th graders because the characters and their stories are easy to relate to. This wasn’t my favorite book to read but I could really connect to Randi because I am a gymnast as well.