“We Put the fun In funerals”


Hope in The Holler is an amazing book with a even more amazing story line, Before Wavy’s mother dies she gives her daughter a list of papers to help her enjoy life and, the most noticed one, Be Brave, Wavy B. you’ve got as much right to a good life as anyone else, so find it! But when Wavy is sent to live with her aunts in Appalachian hometown where her mother grew up she thinks it will be a completely new adventure where she gets to see where her own mother came from, but little does she know life here is anything but, with commanding aunts around, crazy neighbors and far much more Wavy wants nothing more than to escape this hectic life. With the help of one of her aunts, Wavy just might have to chance to leave and escape the clutches of her aunts being her permanent guardians, and find where she belongs in the world.
I think this book is good and I would recommend it to 5 graders or strong 4th grade readers and up, there were defiantly some things that little kids might not understand but anyone can read it if they want to.
Overall I think this book was pretty good and a short quick read for vacations since it is fairly thin with only about 210 pages.
To all who read this, find hope in the most desperate times, even if it means struggling threw the deepest troubles.