Break Free Review


Its that time of year again, do you want something for the whole family to bond? Try out the new “break free “ game. Basically there are four pairs of handcuffs you connect to each other either choose a green(easy) a yellow(medium) or a red(hard) puzzle to put in the handcuffs. You grab a key put it in the keyhole of the hand cuffs -Then go! Whoever gets loose first wins. It’s a great game to laugh and have a great time, but i may warn you some people are better than others so if you’re a good puzzle person you might want to consider this game. For example when i was playing with my brother he was on a hard puzzle whereas i was on a green, yet he still beat me! It’s kind of a pattern when you get to try all the puzzles all you have to do is figure it out and soon enough you’ll be a pro in no time. Now, the game is for 6 and up but just a fair warning sometimes the plastic hurts a little bit so for those extra sensitive hands it may not be the game for you. Now when playing you can either choose to be on teams of two or just play individually either way it’s a lot of fun and I think any family would truly enjoy it. You can even connect to other people around the nation with the #breakfreechallenge on facebook, instagram and youtube! Also when it comes to the three different levels in each level each puzzle is different making the game cause even more adrenaline and challenge. When you win, you can get victory coins there are four victory coins per level just enough for each puzzle. Back to the younger people, there are small parts, as you may know so it might be best for three and under to avoid the area where the game is being played at. All in all, I think overall this game would be the perfect gift for a family whether it’s teenagers or kids so maybe tell Santa to put a more cooperative present under the tree this year!