Everyone is a Suspect


It’s the middle of winter. The trains are usually empty, but world-renowned detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) can’t seem to find a single sleeping car in the Istanbul-Calais coach on the Simplon-Orient Express. Finally managing to find a place on the unusually crowded train, he settles himself in. However, trouble arrives in the form of an avalanche, literally stopping the train in its tracks. The situation intensifies as a passenger is discovered murdered, locked in his compartment. As the clock ticks down, Hercule Poirot must solve the crime before events repeat themselves. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but one of Agatha Christie’s most famous novels is making its way to the screen a second time. It’s Murder on the Orient Express!

Hercule Poirot, the famous detective from Christie’s murder mysteries, is determined to enjoy some free time from his life as a private investigator, but an urgent case pulls him from his vacation in Istanbul. He squeezes himself in on the unusually crowded Orient Express, and settles down, prepared to relax for the three days the train will take to make it to the destination. His plans for overdue rest are once again stopped in their tracks as a wealthy businessman is murdered not long after the train is caught in a snowdrift. Poirot is enlisted to solve the case, and as the investigation unfolds it becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems…

The actors in Murder on the Orient Express are extremely talented, from Doctor Arbuthnot (Leslie Odom Jr.) to Mary Debenham (Daisy Ridley). For the most part, the plot stays true to that of the original novel, however there are a few discrepancies near the end. If you haven’t read the book, you will likely not see the identity of the murderer coming until the very end. Except for Doctor Arbuthnot’s first conversation with one of his fellow passengers where the acting seems choppy and disengaged, the actors have done a stellar job with this movie.

With a captivating plot and exceptional actors, this movie is one definitely worth seeing! Rated PG-13 for small amounts of violence. While there is blood on screen, it is not too much for most teens and pre-teens to handle. Murder on the Orient Express came out on Friday, November 10, so get your tickets today!