Football Book for Kids

Photo Credit: Amazon website

In “The Football Fanbook” by Gary Gramling and Sport Illustrated Kids, they give you a pretty in-depth description of football moves, language, history, players, and teams. For example did you know the Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team with no logo on their helmet? Or did you know the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles combined for a season during World War 2 (due to a lack of players). Their nickname was the Steagles (I’m not kidding).

The book is divided into 7 chapters. The chapters are titled know these numbers, obscure facts, skills to master, think like a coach, he reminds me of …, team tidbits, and talk the talk. There are a lot of pictures and graphics that are used.

This book also compares players from the current teams to the old teams. Like they compared Odell Beckham Jr. to Jerry Rice. You may have heard of Odell, as he is a current superstar for the NY Giants. He plays wide receiver. Jerry Rice played on the San Francisco 49ers. He is retired now, but he is in the football Hall of Fame. My dad thinks that Jerry Rice is much better than Odell Beckham Jr .What do you think?

Did you know that one ticket to Super Bowl 50 cost $2,950? Or that each Vince Lombardi trophy costs 50,000 dollars? That’s $5,000 less than 5 NHL Stanley Cups!!! The MLB Commissioner’s Trophy only costs $15,000.

Other football trivia included in the book is information about the Super Bowl video football games. The estimated amount of chips consumed during the Super Bowl is 11.2 million pounds. Along with 15 million pizzas, 1.3 billion chicken wings, and 278 million avocados! As far as video games go, the first Madden football video game took 4 years to build. Now there is a new edition every year, with the latest being called Madden 18.


I would recommend this book for kids that have an interest in football already. It is not really appropriate for kids that do not know the basics about the game, but it does have a lot of interesting facts and pictures about football.