A Perfect Combo of Science and Beauty


Are you obsessed with cosmetics? Are you in love with S.T.E.A.M.? How about crafts? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, the Project Mc2 Perfume Maker is for you!
How it works: You first put the water, scent, and color in containers. Then, you pump it up into the tubes. Finally, you pour your perfume into the atomizers. The contents of the Project Mc2 Perfume Maker includes 1 perfume making kit, 1 support, 1 mixing assembly, 2 containers, 3 atomizers, 2 pipettes, 1 stand, 1 beaker, and 2 scents. (Violet and Poppy)
I looked online, and I saw that the perfume maker had a price varying from $25 to $30. So if someone is going to spoil you for the holidays, this might be a good present to request.
I thought that the instructions were easy to follow, and before I knew it, I had the lab set up and was cooking up a storm! But I was able to make such a large amount of perfume that I didn’t have enough spray bottles. I used them up in less than one day, and I had to buy more. So maybe before you buy it, you should first purchase more spray bottles.
But, all in all the Project Mc2 Perfume Maker has good packaging, great contents, and a one way track for fun!