You Can’t Save the World Alone


Nobody, not even the greatest of heroes, can save the world alone.Take it from someone who spent his life watching Marvel movies, DC Comics’ Justice League was a great film. After the unexpected death of Superman (Henry Cavil) in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, five heroes known as Batman (Ben Afflek), the Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), only having experience fighting alone, two having barely noticed their super abilities and how they can truly be used, another never had fought with his hidden talents, join together to form the almost invincible team called the Justice League (JL for short).
The story starts out with Superman’s death being mourned throughout the world, even though he mostly protected Metropolis City, the world could never be safe without the beloved hero, and then it goes straight to the action. After Batman battles some bug thing, he teams up with Wonder Women, the other only JL member with fighting experience, to go find three other people with special abilities in order to protect the world and from the future gang of heroes, the Justice League. Like any other superhero movie would, three cubes with unimaginable power have been given to three different groups of people, the Amazonians, the Atlanteans, and mankind, in hopes they would hide and protect the blocks at all costs after what happened last time they combined. However, if this power falls into the wrong hands, unspeakable destruction can be the result, and not even the Justice League could help.
Overall, Justice League is obviously an action film because, well, it’s a superhero movie. However, what I liked best about it was the comedy. The Flash brings most of the jokes, with his hatred of brunch and high blood sugar, he constantly brings up the wrong stuff at the wrong times. Like for example when the JL were grieving their loss in battle, the Flash said “Probably not the best time to bring up my blood sugar? Super hungry.” Another funny part was when he randomly brought up how he hated brunch and said it’s just “a long line for lunch”. That’s not to say Cyborg didn’t get his fair share of comedy. At the end, after fighting a vicious battle, Cyborg stated one word that would go down in history, “Booyah”. Why? I’ll answer that question with another one: Because who doesn’t love a good ‘Booyah’?
The action in the film was great as well. My favorite scenes were when Batman took down a criminal in the classic way; locate, spot out, and attack. Another good action scene was when the cube of almost unlimited power started making noises because everyone was aiming their bows at the poor inanimate block.
Another important detail in the making of Justice League was the special effects with animation. I could tell the animator were hard at work with the stylus-to-tablet animating compared to something often used as a starting point for animated films called computer-generated imagery (CGI for short).
A few last tips, first, you should stay for the credits. You’ll love them if you have a sense of humor and second, I would recommend this film for anyone ages 8+, because there are probably too many swear words for anyone younger than that but the concepts in Justice League are relatively easy to understand and the jokes will keep younger viewers hooked.