A Game Like No Other


Welcome back or not to the fabulous world of Luigi Lemoncello and his no-board games. This is the third book in the series, but even if you have not read it before you will understand it. This book shows the characters and maybe even you that teamwork and staying loyal are what counts.

In Alexandria, Ohio Kyle Keely is told about this new game by Mr. Lemoncello. Mr. Lemoncello explains that the game will take him far from home and that it will be a fact finding frenzy. Theres only one catch he will have to work with a partner through this whole game. His partner is Abia Sulayman from Boston, she is serious and careful while Kyle is a risk taker and very adventurous.

Both are eager to win until their research turns up information that could destroy the Lemoncello reputation, and they would be to blame. Threatening his game-building empire and their beloved library in Alexandria. Luckily, all four of the finalists in the fun and wacky research game team up to dig deeper and find out what is true and what not.

Although they all were eager to win and get the prize in store at the end of the competition. They are not sure what to do because they might destroy the Lemoncello empire for good. They have to find out whether or not it is fake news before it is too late.

During this process the two of them will become friends, learn how to work together and how to stay true to what you say. As the game comes to an end they must find the awnser and what will become of Mr. Lemoncellos future and of their beloved library?

This is yet another great book from Chris Grabenstien. However Mr. Lemoncellos Library Race felt like another drag on to the other books, but one good thing about it is that even if you haven’t read all the books you can still understand and enjoy the book. So come and enter the great world of Mr. Lemoncello and all that play his wonderful games.