Two Good Things Together Make Something Even Better


The book The Legend of Shadow High is a lovely tale about two girls from Monster High, Draculaura (daughter of Dracula) and Frankie (daughter of Frankenstein) that stumble into a different world, where they meet new friends, Apple White and Raven Queen. They learn that the evil queen has escaped her mirror prison once again and is planning to find the treacherous Shadow High to rule it, which leads the characters into an amazing adventure with a great story line that brings excitement to readers.

If the readers didn’t know anything about Monster High or Ever After High, then it would probably be quite confusing in the beginning, but they would understand it after a while.

I think the book The Legend Of Shadow High was a total success, because I like the way how the story combined characters from two different, but very fun series, Ever After High with the sons and daughters of fairy tale characters and Monster High with monsters, into one spectacular story with a great plot twist. Like scary characters and fairytale characters together wrapped up in one beautiful present with a lovely bow to tie it all up. Also this story has a very interesting resolution to go with it. Another thing that I liked about this book is that it lets you make choices that affect the plot line by sending you to a different page to continue the narrative. This is a cool way to interact with the story.