Learn history the fun way with Playmobil’s Pharaoh Pyramid


Deep in the Sahara Desert there lies an ancient pyramid, thousands of years old. A Playmobil Pyramid! The Playmobil Pharaoh’s Pyramid comes in a big box. It was honestly a bit disappointing because the box was so huge and the actual set was quite small, in comparison to the box. It comes with three characters, a pharaoh and two adventurers and it includes parts of the pyramid, two skeletons, a gold cat figure, a few jewels, and gold, daggers, baskets, weapons and extra toys and trinkets. Also this is not meant as a dollhouse where you can open and close the sides constantly mainly because some of the pieces did not fit together very well. And it is hard to get into all the places in the pyramid. But I love all the little details like the mummy, lots of jewels, jewelry baskets and other small pieces. I would recommend this toy for 6+ because there are a few choking hazards involved.

I also like how you can open up the Sarcophage (which is the coffin) to see the mummy with bandages and this can be opened up to see the skeleton. The trinkets are meant as treasures and one of the skeletons goes in the mummy. On the other skeleton you can put all the jewels on and use it for show.

The skeletons have different colors, the one in the coffin is grey, the one with the jewelry is white. I like this because the white goes better with the gold jewelry and the grey makes it seem like it was dusty in the coffin and the skeleton absorbed it and got dirty. Even though this doesn’t make sense because the one outside should be grey because there is probably more dust and grime outside of the coffin than inside, so the skeleton inside the coffin would be cleaner. This toy is supposed to be educational, so I think it would make sense the other way around, since the ancient practices were done to preserve the skeleton through bandages. Not sure if I am wrong or if this was done by mistake, but this is also the way Playmobil shows it on the package. it also has stickers so you can see the hieroglyphs.

It is also very educational and there is a reason why it is called Playmobil History Pharaohs Pyramid.