New Transformer toy


A new transformer toy has come to our stores: Hasbro Trasnformers Autobot Sqweeks. This toy is for kids 6+. This is a good age because it deals with blasters and no kid under six watches Transformers. But for kids older then 8 it is boring with too few things that it can do. This Transformer can move forward and backward easily. But it only has two special action modes. One of these actions is dancing and the other is making a noise that sounds like shooting when he has his detachable blaster on. His hand is made in a way so that you can slip on the blaster that he has with him. When in his blaster mode his eyes turn red and he shoots at whatever he is pointing at. When in his dance mode he plays music and spins around in circles until the music stops.


This Transformer only says one thing “CHIHUAHUA”. He says this often and at some point, it gets very annoying. It took me a while to find out how to take off his backpack to get to where the batteries go on the toy. To turn it off and on just hold it upside down for a few seconds. This toy needs 6 batteries which is a lot. 2 for the controller and 4 for the actual toy. The controller has two buttons on the center on to turn from side to side and one to move forward and backward. Then two buttons on the side of the controller. These two control his dance and blaster modes. Unlike a normal Transformer, he cannot turn into a car or motorcycle. The price ranges from $70-112 online and in different stores. This wouldn’t be a great gift to give because it is exspensive and is not at all complex. I do not think that a kid would have that much fun with this toy after a while.