You’ll spin out of control!


Fidget spinners were the viral toy for several months. Thumb Chucks and Spinbladez follow this vibe. Thumb Chucks are hand sized nunchucks with light up bouncy balls on the end of the rope. The Spinbladez light up and are very entertaining. Spinbladez are fidget spinner like toys except the three blades are roughly triangular and there are no holes like fidget spinners.


Some down sides of these toys are that the Spinbladez are loud and bright. If you intend to use them in class, think again. These toys have red, blue and green lights that activate when spun. They also make a relatively loud hissing noise for a toy this small.


When tested with a nine, seven and three year old these were the results. The nine year old enjoyed the Spinbladez and thought it was fun. The Thumb Chucks had relatively the same effect except she believed that they were hard to spin. The seven year old said that the Spinbladez was easy to spin and entertaining. She concluded that the Thumb Chucks were also hard to spin. The three year old was easily distracted and later entertained by the Spinbladez. He was surprisingly able to spin it fast enough for the colors to activate. The Thumb Chucks had a more pleasing effect. The moment the toy was placed in his hands, he said that he wanted to keep them. Thumb Chucks do break easily, so do not place with three year olds and then try to take it away from them.


Spinbladez do not get tangled in hair. They also don’t take damage after being repeatedly thrown across the room or dropped by an amateur spinner. Thumb Chucks are for ages 5 and up and I agree with this rating as well as how the Spinbladez are 4 and up. The Spinbladez also come with a top to spin on a table or flat surface. I say that both toys are mostly for 5 and up. These toys are also solid and hurt when thrown at you. In my opinion, the Thumb Chucks were difficult to use and would take too much time to learn to master. The Spinbladez were fun and a good time killer. I would recommend just purchasing the Spinbladez over the Thumb Chucks. If you buy one, you will “spin” out of control.