Poison by Sarah Albee

Penguin Random House

With bright colors and pictures, Sarah Albee manages to take the dark topic of poison and make it into a fun and “venom-enal” read with her new book “Poison.” Throughout the book, she talks about the many different types of poison, such as the ones found in the earth, like arsenic, to the ones we create, like rat poison.
From scheming spouses to conniving heirs to the throne, poison was a very popular weapon to quickly and quietly get rid of your enemies.
However, poison wasn’t always used for evil motives. Wish for a paler complexion? The Victorian Era has just the trick! In the nineteenth century, respectable Victorian women didn’t want to put on makeup. So, they nibbled on arsenic wafers, which gave them the perfect ghost-like look to their complexions. The book is chock-full of interesting and crazy stories about not only poison, but what people did with it.
If you like history, science, or just a good mystery, be sure to pick up “Poison” by Sarah Albee. Sprinkled with humor (although poison jokes taint funny) Albee’s book is one you won’t be able to put down. While it won’t tell you how to extract poison from the earth or how to use toxins, it will provide you with engrossing and frightening details about some of Mother Nature’s most dastardly creations.