An Inside Look on the Denver Local Fox News!


Today we will get a sneak peak behind the scenes of the Denver Local Fox News Station! Specifically beyond the big companies are the local stations, meaning that they have nothing to do with the big stations that are nationally known.They care about the community deeply just as much as they love a good story. First up on the tour, downstairs is the garage every reporter takes fox new’s vehicles on a story never their own vehicle. Some cars and trucks are marked with Fox News name brand and others are unmarked for the more secretive situations. They also have gigantic news trucks and vans, especially the beast- this news vehicle can move through 12 feet of snow, its huge! Several floors higher is the staff’s desks and near where all the action takes place. There is a room where the reporters can see everything big or small events that is going on in the world every second of every day. Each section of a job duty has a head executive manager. Those managers have their very own offices. Every person of course leads in their own way, but with these executives it is more official. There’s a sports section, and two tv sets where all the news takes place on television. As well as a roof-top deck outside where they can shoot too.There is also multiple little rooms with so much technology to help everything run so much smoother. When you work there you either work the morning, noon, or night shift. No matter the one chosen each starts with a meeting everyone plans out the stories and shares ideas, sometimes they are rejected and other times accepted.I also had a amazing opportunity to meet a reporter. Zora Stephenson is three in one: a photographer, a journalist or reporter, and a tv broadcaster and it’s really important to have the skills of writing in each field of journalism she explained thoroughly in many different situations. Mrs. Stephenson claimed a lot on how even something as independent as journalism requires teamwork. It makes everyone just a little bit more comfortable and is just better all in the long run. Stephenson also shared a little bit of her background. Stephenson grew up in the D.C. area and later on went on to school in north carolina. She really didn’t have an interest in journalism- until high school and college. During that time she was playing basketball so to connect the two she decided to do journalism in sports. Then, she had realized people were dying and people still talking about touchdowns! She immediately knew it wasn’t for her yet everyday sports is still a huge part of her. I also asked one of my favorite questions “what makes you smile in the morning?” She said “The fact I have the opportunity to make a difference every single day. Journalism can be a lot more than what people think, at least according to Zora Stephenson. Hope you enjoyed a walk through a day in a different profession.