A True Winter Wonderland

Ariana Bates-Erlich

The Botanic Gardens can even be fun in the winter. Have you always thought of the Botanic Gardens as just a spring and summer activities. Well lucky for all plant and holiday lovers there is Blossoms of Light. Every year since 1988 the Botanic Gardens has put on this light show. Another thing about it that is amazing is that nearly all the light are LED’s and are saving energy.

As you walk in the front gate you are immediately welcomed by the amazing lights and the cheerful staff. Throughout the gardens there are different color themes and different types of lights, all of them are amazing. Even though it may be cold since it is done only at night and through November 24 until January 1 it is fun. They even have hot chocolate, apple cider, and fresh roasted nuts.

According to Erin Bird the communications manager at the Botanic Gardens, “Many families come back year after year and there are sometimes even marriage proposals done here”. There is no doubt to why they keep coming back. Between the kind hearted staff and the amazing lights shows it is a blast, even with the cold weather blowing at you. And believe me I felt it because when we went it was snowing and windy.

One of the coolest pieces of the light show is in the UMB Bank Amphitheater. There is a set up of light rods that based off of different music will change colors and rhythms. At this amazing sight there is a place where you can pay music on your phone and whatever song you play will create the light show.

This is a limited time event and one that can sometimes be a hassle to get into because of finding parking and the occasionally long lines, but it is definitely worth the time for the experience that you and your family will receive.