Ferdinand The Bull


Ferdinand The Bull” is a great way for Blue Sky Productions to wrap up the year. “Ferdinand The Bull” played by x-wrestler John Cena, starts off in the past when Ferdinand is a young calf. He looks up to his father, but his father wants Ferdinand to be a fighter bull like him. Ferdinand doesn’t want to fight, he just wants to live a calm, easy life; he wants to sniff the flowers and fresh Spain air. All the other bull calf’s in the “Casa Del Toro” want to fight the bull fighters and win. But because Ferdinand doesn’t have the same idea as the other calf’s, they bully and make fun of him. But then something happens and he finds a different, better life. He grows and develops into a huge strong bull with a new family until an unfaithful accident causes his dream life to be flipped upside-down. The messages that the movie announces to children are beyond amazing. One of the most important being, “pave your own road in life”. All seriousness aside, this movie is hilarious. The majority of the comedy coming from the Goat, Lupe, played by SNL’s Kate Mckinnon. For the most part, the movie resembles team work, even your worse enemies can become your best friend, and if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. I also feel as though this movie is a happily ever after type story base, this meaning, if you like happy endings; by all means go see this film. If you’re between 3-65 years old, I think this movie would fit you. If your 3-12 the film has some good lessons and humor you may enjoy. Ages 40-65 this may be a good movie to see just to bring back some memories from the book or even the older movie, now taking the grandkids, that’s killing two birds with one stone if I’ve ever seen it. My final rating would be 4.5/5 stars. Not only is “Ferdinand The Bull” a great movie for multiple selections of ages but the messages and humor are a great way to spend the holidays with family and friends.