The Greatest Showman


P.T. Barnum meets his future wife Charity when they are young school kids, they get separated by finishing school and their families difference in wealth. As the early part of the movie progresses quickly they grow older and fall in love. A fun scene on a New York rooftop between the adult P.T. played by Hugh Jackman and the beautiful Charity played by Michelle Williams they express the hope that the future will bring with dancing and singing, they soon have two young daughters. In the next scene, P.T. loses his job and he is no longer able to provide money for Charity and his girls as he promised them. P.T. must find out how to fix this. He starts a museum of oddities that fails due to no customers. Now he has to find another way to keep his promise of a good life to his wife and daughters. He starts a circus filled with unique people, a little person, a bearded lady and other outcasts to draw crowds and sell tickets. This idea comes from when P.T. was young, homeless and starving on the streets of New York a woman gives him an apple, but her face is deformed which makes him think about her in this time of trouble. That’s how get gets the idea of different people to join his circus. They are not accepted by society because they are different and for once he may see them different too, but that’s a good thing.
There is a very empowering scene in this movie. It is about halfway through the movie after P.T. starts another show with a famous singer. P.T. starts to feel the same fame and power of the rich. P.T. starts to become one of the people who think his stars are weird and dangerous. The scene is focused on the “This is me” song in the trailer. Since the characters P.T. recruits are different, people see them as threats. Ever since the circus started the audience have wanted to come and see them because they think they are freak-shows and crazy. But there is a particular group that just hates the cast of circus performers and that group starts a fist fight with them. The troop finally sticks up for themselves which makes it a very powerful scene and an important part of the movie. P.T. has always been one the only person who see their differences as a good thing. Their own parents didn’t even believe in them. During this time P.T. must make a choice. Does this one moment of not believing in the cast change P.T. and does it make it difficult situation for P.T. to fix, only time will tell.
I recommend this movie to ages 6 and up. I would say this because with the circus performers are different from what you would usually see. I don’t know how younger kids would take the people. Otherwise, it’s a family movie. You will especially like this movie if you like musicals because there is a lot of singing and dancing. It was a great movie and I really enjoyed it. I would give it a four out of five-star rating.