Star Wars: The Last Jedi Lives Up To The Hype


It’s December, and everyone knows what that means… No, not the holiday season, Star Wars season! Episode VIII; The Last Jedi is a spectacular, action packed thriller that continues the greatest saga ever told a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

With the First Order closing in on the depleting rebel forces, the remaining leaders must step up and take charge. If they want to have any chance of victory, they must act now. Simultaneously, Rey is urging Luke Skywalker to teach her the ways of the force so she can help defeat the First Order, but Luke is hesitant.

Along with classic Star Wars characters, there are exciting new ones, some which appeared in episode VII, but brand new ones as well. This journey takes us through hyperspace to remote corners of the galaxy, and to lightsaber battles so intense that your hair will be standing on end.

This movie is a fantastic movie for lots of different fans. It offers lots of iconic scenes for die hard Star Wars fans, action packed battles for those who enjoy a good action movie, as well as some heartwarming moments.

The Last Jedi is over two and a half hours, but you won’t be bored. This movie is full of excitement, the characters are likeable and fun to watch, and the suspense is high throughout the whole movie. There isn’t one second that this scrappy group of rebels isn’t fighting tooth and nail for what they believe in.

Even if you’re not a devoted Star Wars fan, you can still appreciate the fun action and compelling characters of this daring and adventurous early Christmas present. However, I would recommend this movie for children 12+ as there are several scenes of intense violence. So, Star Wars fans and regular fans, come and see the eighth installment of the most popular film series of all time.