Gertie Milk a Person with True Spirit


It all started when Gertie Milk was taken away from her old life with no memory of what she looked like, who her family was, where she was from, and any other basic knowledge a child her own age would know. All of a sudden this giant monster attacks her with the thought of her death in mind. She then notices a little bird that tries to save her, but has no luck. When her life is about to end, she barely escapes the giant monster into a cave, that who knows what is in there. Gertie is guided by a key that has the letters K.O.L.T. inscribed into it. When Gertie finally sees light again she collapses on the ground hoping there aren’t anymore monsters like the one on the beach. A voice speaks to her and takes to an overstuffed cottage. The voice turns out to be her savior from a monster that is so terrifying that it destroyed its own name so nobody knows what it is. When they go inside the cottage Gertie realizes that there is a lot of stuff that couldn’t be the man named Kolt, as he calls himself. The two talk over some peach cake that seems to fill Gertie with joy. When Kolt says something about the B.D.B.U. taking children back to Earth because their presence is not necessary in Skuldark, Gerie becomes curious as to why the same thing didn’t happen to her. Even though the key that guided her to safety was the only she owned, the right thing was to tell Kolt it must be his if it spelled out his name. When the word were uttered from her mouth about the ownership of the key Kolt was pleased with joy that a new Keeper of Lost Things had finally arrived to the island. The new keeper doesn’t know what this means, but Kolt won’t tell her anything because he insists on a good night’s rest. I would recommend this book to eight and ten year olds because this book shows how even in the worst of situations you can return some hope to the world, which may be a topic that would be harder for younger readers to understand. If you like challenging books than this may not be the best choice because it is very easy to follow. I like this book because it shows that even though you may not always believe in yourself the things you do can make others believe in what they can do. While reading Gertie Milk & the Keeper of Lost Things by Simon Van Booy it feels as though you are part of something bigger than yourself.