Num Noms and Nail Polish


Nail polish. I don’t use this stuff (at least not yet). Having confessed that, I don’t want you to think this will influence my review of this toy, which is all about nail polish.

The Num Noms Nail Polish Maker is in the shape of a milkshake shop. (Why not?) There are two sides on the toy: one where customers sit, and another where the “milkshakes” are made. It’s a bit larger than a shoebox and can fit on a pizza platter. It also inclutes three empty nail polish “Noms”, and one cotton candy scented “Num”. In this set, the Num has a name, Heavenly Froyo, but the Noms do not. This is actually a neat feature for fans of Num Noms, as you get to create your own characters.

Num Noms are tiny, scented toys that resemble food and have animal ears. There are two types of Num Noms: Nums and Noms. Nums are hollow, squishy, and can sit on top of a Nom (or another Num). Noms can almost never go on top of another Num Nom, but can be stamps, erasers, or even light up. There are a lot of scents that Num Noms come in, ranging from cucumber to cheese bean burrito.

Okay, this is all very bizarre; welcome to the world of Num Noms.

The box the nail polish maker comes in is very easy to open. It has a handle at the top and can be used as a carrying case. However, removing all the plastic covering on it is another story. It’s very hard to remove them, even with very small, sharp scissors.

Now, you can start making nail polish! The first thing you need to do is put the nail polish base, or “milk”, into one of the Noms. After that, you can choose from any of three scented flavors for your nail polish: strawberry, banana, or blueberry. You can also mix the flavors and add glitter “sprinkles”! Finally, close the bottle and mix the nail polish.

This might sound easy, but don’t be fooled. The area you’re working in should be completely covered with a towel or a sheet, as this toy can make a huge mess. On my first try, the nail polish spilled everywhere and turned gray. On my second bottle, however, everything came out perfectly. This gave me more confidence, but when I tried my third bottle, it spilled again and the bottle got covered in glitter. The plastic nails and nail stickers didn’t work properly, either. I never found the adhesives for the nails.

Unfortunately, you can’t make more than three nail polish bottles, and there aren’t replacements for the set. So, I just mixed the remaining nail polish base with water to make it more like milk and used the set as a milkshake shop.

Overall, this is a nice toy for anyone who likes Num Noms or nail polish. It can be pretty messy, but it’s still a lot of fun. It’s compatible with other Num Noms and small toys. I already had both, so my café got lots of customers. I would recommend this toy for kids ages 5 and up, as younger kids might eat the polish or plastic nails.