A Captivating, Mysterious, and Adventurous Book


Androma Racella: the Bloody Baroness. Who could think of a better name for her? With her twin swords, harsh personality, and some compassion, 23 (ish) year-old Andi fights and kills her way through hard times in her life. The first book in this adventurous series, which will be released on January 16, leads Andi and you on an enormous exploit of gruesome fights, friendship, love, and hate.
Andi, the main character in “Zenith: The Androma Saga” by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings, has to strike tallies on her twin swords and dance with the dead in order to restore balance in her head. All the lives she took have haunted her dreams, leaving her sleep deprived and feisty. She and her crew aboard the Marauder, Lira, Breck, and 12-year-old Gilly, fight their way through galaxy Mirabel.
The Marauders are recruited to go on a life-threatening mission with the help of a figure from Andi’s past, and Andi is offered a helpful reward – her previous “life” cleared from the most horrible death she caused. But with the prize for her mission comes some losses – more death, more grief, more tallies.
Andi and her crew may seem villainous, but they are actually the good guys in the story, and you can sometimes connect and feel for them. The Bloody Baroness may cut too many throats, but she grabs your attention, makes the book funny and fun, and shows that not all bad girls are really bad.
This book includes plots twists you never ever would have imagined, and it doesn’t stop giving you more mysteries. It is told from the third-person perspective, with makes it all that more interesting. It switches off following different characters, so you can find out exactly what people are doing. Something that would make it better is looking at different characters because sometimes the book skips a certain character that you might want a brush-up on what they are doing.
This book is a 512 page detailed, thrilling story that captivates and excites. It is a very well written book and is very hard to stop reading. The authors work great together, making the book eye-opening and an edge-of-your-seat adventure. It is a “Young Adult” book, but just because of a lot of violence and some curse words. If you enjoy battles, friendship, secrets, and plot twists, this is the perfect, detail-driven book for you.