The Westport Independent: A Newspaper Game


How much would you risk to let others know the real truth? Your company? Your reputation? Your life?
That question is asked in WestPort, a game that circles around the idea of censorship in the news…and “fake news.” This is a game made for anybody who has been worried about who controls the news.

Westport takes place in the late 1940s. You are an editor and your job is to follow the Loyalist Government’s latest bill, which means that everything you publish from now on should make the government look good and the rebels look bad.

However, who said you have to follow those guidelines?

Suddenly, you’re forced between two decisions. Do you put your employees and yourself in danger to publish the truth about the governments, or do you suck up and be loyal, enjoying a life that’s not behind bars? The choice is yours, since the game allows you to change and censor articles based on what you feel is the right thing to do — or, of course, the safe thing to do.

Throughout the game, there are different storylines that you can choose to follow or ignore. However, risky stories lead to risky outcomes. I found that it’s important to pay attention to the details in your articles. While it was gripping to follow a story about a government official attacking a group of teenage rebels, it nearly cost me a game over. A threatening letter stating that my business was in danger caused me to kill the scoop.

Depending on your choices, you’re most likely to get 30-90 minutes of gameplay out of WestPort. While it’s tense and closed-ended, it’s exciting and compelling.

Overall, I would give this game 4.5 stars out of 5. Despite the fact that it is a little short, this is truly an excellent game that requires you to think before you act. It is the #2 top rated role-playing game on the Apple AppStore and gives lessons about the dangers of censorship. If you enjoy simulations, historical fiction, or journalism in general, I highly recommend WestPort.

This game is available for Android, IOS, Microsoft, Linux, and Windows. Westport is has a recommended playing age as +9 (small amount of swearing).