The King and Us

951 Photo by Matthew Murphy

Rodger and Hammerstein’s The King and I, is a very awesome production. It’s the 2015 Tony-winning Lincoln Center Theatre revival that just recently went on tour. And if you love to perform, or just go see productions, I think you’ll like this show.
This production of The King and I starts where Anna Leonowens comes to the Kingdom of Siam to teach the King’s children. The King first seems impenetrable, but Anna soon finds a way to get into his heart. I won’t spoil the end, but overall the show was one of the best productions I’ve ever seen!
I really liked the sets. For example, in the first scene, it shows Anna and her son, Louis. They are just arriving at Siam. The boat was very realistic. Even though the stage was flat, they made the boat dimensional, and it was almost life-sized!
The cast performed very well. They all had really good voices, and large ranges. i really respect that. With emotion, they really made it enjoyable for me. Jose Llana, who plays the King, returns to the role of the King of Siam after two starring engagements in the Tony-winning Lincoln Center Theatre revival. He was very captivating to watch, and pulled off the jokes very well. He also is a EXCELLENT singer. I thought that Llana did a great job of breathing new life into an old classic.
I also really liked Madeline Trumble’s Anna. Anna really helped the King see a whole new side of the world. She nailed her song “Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?” and it made me really support her views. My dad really liked the relationship between Tuptim and Lun Tha, and thought that their voices were really beautiful.
I really appreciate the dances in a show, and The King and I had very hard-to-pull-off choreography. In various songs, I saw dances that looked very complicated, but I think the ensemble members did a very good job!
This is a family friendly musical and is appropriate for kids eight plus. However, there are sensitive and VERY outdated topics in the show such as polygamy, sexism, and a stereotypical portrayal of Asian culture. But, it pokes fun at all of it. They add all the songs and light-hearted choreography to make it more appropriate for children.