New Book Shows Constitution in a New Light.


“This is our Constitution” by Khizr Khan is a great book about a legendary document. It explains the thoughts and logics of our country’s founders, and puts the Constitution in a new way that is more easily understood. This book explains every bit of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This is not your typical book. It does not have a plot so you can skip around and still feel like it is one continuous story. Each chapter tells you about a different section of the Constitution. For example, chapter two. Writing the Constitution. This explains the thoughts of the Founding Fathers (the individuals that shaped America). Because the book had no plot, it had a really long introduction (21 pages) which is primarily the backstory on the author. At the end there are over 40 pages devoted to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (basically just the Constitution and Bill of Rights copied into the book). Because of the long introduction and conclusion, the body of the book was shorter but still managed to be the perfect size.

The 18th amendment. I thought that this one was odd because it restricted manufacturing, transporting, and selling intoxicating liquors such as beer and wine. This was interesting because the 21st amendment repealed it. This is the first and only amendment that has ever been repealed.

The author himself is interesting. Khizr Khan is a gold star father. This means that his son or daughter was killed while serving in the U.S. military. This inspired him to protect the legacy that his son died for.

The author makes the Constitution easier to understand because throughout the book you will find grey boxes with blurbs from the author that describes his thoughts on the topic in words that kids can easily understand.

I think that this is a good book for adults to read, but kids will more easily be bored by it. This is because there is no sense of action, no sense of adventure and no comedy to keep the reader reading.