A tail-wagging tale


When Toto goes running after their uncle’s hat during the tornado Dorothy and Toto are forced to take shelter in their farmhouse, the only problem? That farmhouse lifts up lifting up to an amazing story, once arrived in Oz; their tornado squashes the Wicked Witch of The West! The munchkins, being pleased by this because of their past slavery of the witch celebrate their arrival; but Dorothy can’t stay long because she has to go to Oz to get back home. With the kiss of the good witch on her forehead, nothing can harm her. Or at least she hopes.
Along the way her encounter with a scarecrow, looking for brains. A Tin woodsman looking for a heart, and a cowardly lion looking for courage grows an everlasting friendship.
But once meeting the wizard, home is not as close as they thought; an evil witch must be destroyed before they get their ride home.
Can they defeat it? Or will they be stuck in Oz forever; which may not be so bad.
Yes, there are some parts that are different from the original story but something that really sticks out is how none other than Toto tells the perspective it is told from. Between the facts on how he describes his hunger for sausage to how he tries to act furious to protect Dorothy.
My favorite part though was how Toto would add comments about most everything like when he went running after Dortheys uncles hat during the tornado and when they returned from the oz he “didn’t even seem grateful”. I love dogs so this was pretty cool to see it from Toto’s eyes, another part I really liked is how Toto became friends with the Cowardly Lion; at first he was a little protective because well it’s a lion but after a while he grew on him. Now they are probably best friends.
I think this book would be good for 8-11 because it was en easy but enjoyable read with many pictures but a fair amount of small words.
Overall I liked this book because of the description and how the author really made it seem like a dog was seeing from the point of view!