A New Country Romance


This movie is based on the book in 2012 by Heidi McLaughlin.The prologue primes us to expect the worst of the protagonist, even before we actually meet him, by depicting what happened when he left his fiancée at the altar back in St. Augustine, Louisiana, to pursue his musical career. Flash forward eight years Liam Page has made fame and fortune as a country music star.

However appearances of selfishness can be deceiving: He still treasures the antiquated flip-top cellphone(that even has an antenna) it contains a forlorn message left years earlier by Josie, the woman he left behind. Of course, he never has answered that message, since he didn’t know how to start it. The worst part is over the last eight years he hasn’t even contacted his father. When he receives word of a childhood friend’s death in an auto mishap, Liam decides he needs to take a return trip to St. Augustine.

Once he’s there, it doesn’t take long for him to have an awkward encounter with Josie. When she see’s him like any girl she punches him. It takes only a bit longer for him to realize that Billy, a seven-year-old girl, and Josie’s precocious daughter, is the child he never knew he fathered. Much of “Forever My Girl” is about Liam’s eagerness to bond with Billy. However excited he is when Billy, named after his mother, she wants him in her life Josie is very nervous. And she has every right to be, considering what he did to her.

Another big piece of the movie is about Liam building back his relationship with both his Dad and with Josie, who he is still in love with. His father, a pastor, is still mad about what happened with Liam when he first shows back up, but throughout the movie Liam and him bond through replanting his mothers rose garden, sharing a new espresso maker, and admitting to each other’s mistakes.

Overall the movie is a touchy country romance that will make you cry, laugh, and smile. Although they might have done better to expand upon some potentially interesting plot elements — such as the response of the other townspeople to Liam’s years-ago departure, and the musical career of Liam’s late mom — that is fleetingly referenced, then immediately forgotten. All in all, I would recommend seeing the movie.