Maze Runner: The Death Cure


The Maze Runner Death Cure is one of the newest movies in the Maze Runner series, based off the books written by James Dashner. The Death Cure is the third out of four movies (assuming they make a fourth movie). Now, before getting tickets for this movie you should watch, or read, the first two movies/books. If you choose not to, the movie will be very confusing, the characters won’t make sense, and some other surprises come that will only surprise you if you’ve seen the other two movies. Another thing that might be good to note is, the movie has maybe two minutes of rising action in the beginning, there’s just action right as the movie starts, which may be a good thing for some people but others may like slower paced movies, it’s your choice.

Thomas, played by Neil O’Brien, and his friends are sent out to find their friend Minho, played by Ki Hong Li, after he is captured by WCKD. Along the way Thomas, Newt and two new characters Jorge and Brenda find out about WCKD’s headquarters located in a place called the New City. Upon getting there they meet an old friend that helps them get into the city. Once in the city Thomas locates another old friend at WCKD. After doing some scouting in the city Thomas plans a mission, if you want to see what happens after this, go see Maze Runner- The Death Cure.

Some concerns I have about this movie would be, strong language, explicit hand signals, and heavy gun fire, gun shots and crashes. If you or anyone going with you to see the movie are sensitive to these things, I wouldn’t suggest seeing the movie. An exact age I’d suggest would be, ages 12 and up. I think that’s a safe age because anyone under that age would probably have a tough time thinking about the zombies and explosions/gun fire. It’s very loud too which would probably scare them.

In my opinion the movie was a bit spaced, meaning some things happened that didn’t make sense (logic wise), for example; Thomas and Newt were sealed in an elevator surrounded by guards, but the next scene they were casually walking down the hall unharmed. Other than that, the movie was a good action-packed film, it had a few jumpy moments, and it was just good to see Thomas get justice. In all honesty the movie is one of the, everybody wins after joining one side, type movie.