Building Toy Holds Great Fun for Little Engineers

Brackitz website

YOU SHOULD BUY THIS TOY. The Brackitz Pulleys 77 Piece Set is a great toy kit that allows you to use connectors to latch plastic spars together and then connect pulleys.The plastic spars are easily put into the connectors and easily taken out, but will hold sturdy when a pulley has weight on it. It comes with a rope, and I have already built multiple inventions with it. The pulleys do work, and the materials are strong. I have tied slip knots and used the pulleys to lift things from a fork to an inexpensive security camera. You can also tie the rope to axles and use the small plastic bucket that is provided to lift anything you want. The possibilities are endless.

I am 12 yrs. old and have an extensive knowledge of Legos and other building kits, so, I went through my normal four step process — 1. Sort the pieces. 2. Build the model, the kit came with directions to build 10 contraptions such as the Boom Digger, or a drawbridge. The instructions only show a picture of the final object, but they do also give you a link to a Youtube account where you can find step-by-step tutorials.  3. Try it out, this is when I see if I got everything right, and see if it works. 4. Make it better, this is when I spend a few minutes looking at all parts of it to see if there are any faults, or if I can make it look better. I then continue on doing steps three and four until I can find no faults, and I am out of ways to make it better. Finally, I show it off to my friends and family, then break it down and get to work on a new project.

This toy is sold at MSRP $39.99 USD. I think that this would be best for anyone over the age of 8 that is interested in engineering or architecture. If you were younger than 8, it would be hard to think of a combination of pieces to actually build something. If you are not interested in engineering though, this toy might seem boring for you, and it will probably not be used enough to justify the price.